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He is a gifted teacher. He is an intuitive person. I feel so blessed.

I met Brian at a conference in Los Angeles, California & one of the things that we were asked to do today was to explain what we wanted out of today’s seminar. One of the things that I wanted was clarity & how to build my new company, my business, & exactly what to do with it. At the very end of the day I had the pleasure of meeting Brian.

We started chatting. He asked me some simple questions & then amazing things were revealed to me by him. It did help me find clarity. He is a gifted teacher. He is an intuitive person. I feel so blessed. These last 15 minutes have really changed my life & have taken me to that point of clarity. Thank you.


Jeanette Fair Beverley Hills, CA., U.S.A. October 12, 2016

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Able to impact the lives of others!

Brian, I want to say how comprehensive that I thought your kit was on Careers Counselling. I personally wish that I had that information 10 years ago when I finished School, because I’ll be honest with you, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I remember that when I saw my Careers Counsellor they basically put a couple of forms in front of me, spoke to me for about half an hour about my grades and that was really it!

I think that your program really explores what the true passions of the clients that are coming to you are &, more importantly, how they can impact other peoples’ lives! Maybe even being happy with what they’re doing, making money out of their passions in steering them towards their goals; which I think is absolutely fantastic! Brian I wish you all the best as I don’t think that you will have any problems with your Careers Counselling system.


Sasha Kelly Melbourne, Australia October 12, 2016

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I’d highly recommend Brian as a speaker, as a coach & as a mentor.

I’m an international speaker & an author of 22 books. I met Brian at a seminar in Melbourne, Australia & I’d highly recommend Brian as a speaker, as a coach & as a mentor. He’s very honest & trustworthy & really an all-round loving, nice person. If you have any questions about Brian, you can contact me at my website, .


Jeanette Fisher Lake Elsinore, California, U.S.A. October 12, 2016

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I’m so thrilled & excited about Brian’s Careers programs!

I have just had the pleasure of meeting Brian and receiving a lot of information about his programs. I will tell you that I’m so thrilled & excited about them. I am an ex-English teacher & I taught the 6 grade for 12 years in an inner-city School & I actually left teaching because I became so frustrated because nothing ever changes & really felt that the students were not receiving the kind of help. In addition, there was nowhere for them to go, where people really cared about them. Consequently, I am thrilled to hear about Brian’s business because he has a big, big heart & I believe that his program is going to help lots and lots of kids, teenagers & young people really make a difference.


Cathy Eppley L.A., California, U.S.A. October 12, 2016

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If you have teens, you definitely need Brian on your side!

I really want to talk with you about my experience with Brian. He has a wealth of knowledge in Careers Counselling, & he taught me a number of things about purpose & passion, which is something I’m very zealous about myself. I thought that I knew a lot, but it’s great to talk to somebody who brings this concept to children, teenagers & young adults; who sometimes need a lot of direction in particular!

Unfortunately today’s education is not exactly geared towards this. Brian was telling me that education isn’t always effective in giving them careers counselling & if it’s anything like my own experience at School, we didn’t have a lot of guidance either. We were told just to find a job that makes money & Brian really tries to find out what kids are interested in.

Teenagers are going through a time when they need their interests fostered & nurtured, so Brian really showed me how best to allow teenagers to get in touch with their purpose & passion. I know that I can apply this to my business &, if you have teens, you definitely need Brian on your side, because he can give you all of his experience with working with teenagers, which is 25 years plus, & it will really take your relationships with your teens to the next level. It will also give you the satisfaction to know that you’ve got them on the right path to being successful. Thank you Brian.


Bryn Drescher Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. October 12, 2016