Interview Questions


  1. “What Careers counselling experience has your company had?”
  2. “Has your company had any other Careers-related experience?”
  3. “Has your company any links/membership with any Careers-related organisations?”


  1. “What are the three (3) major components of eCareers Academy?”
  2. “Can you briefly describe the modules in each component?”
  3. “Is there flexibility with respect to the application of these components with different age groups?”


(* NOTE: each topic could cover an entire 10 minute Interview)

  1. “How do I find out about careers & what I’m best suited to do?”
  2. “What are the top 10 tips for Résumé writing?”
  3. “What are the top 10 tips for writing Application Letters?”
  4. “What are the top 10 tips for attending Interviews?”
  5. “If I’m unemployed, how can I make myself more employable?”
  6. “What are the signs of wanting to transition into another job/vocation & how do I go about it?”
  7. “What are the benefits of professional Careers counselling?”
  8. “If I’m a School student, how important are skills in Time Management & Goal Setting, with respect to achieving a good grade at University, Technical College or Private Colleges?”
  9. “What are Employers looking for in an Employee?”
  10. “As an Employee, what are my rights & responsibilities?”