1. “So, what Careers counselling experience has your company had?”

      • Seventeen (17) years counselling teenagers in a High School environment.
      • Two (2) years counselling unemployed teenagers, young adults and adults in a private organisation (Mission Australia).
      • Five (5) years intensively counselling everyone from fifteen year-old teenagers through to fifty-nine year old adults; who desire to ‘transition’ into another stage in their career journey.


    1. “Has your company had any other Careers-related experience?”

      • Twenty-five (25) years experience educating teenagers in Private & State High Schools.
        • This is where the seventeen years as a Careers Advisor fitted in (see above).
        • Fifteen (15) years as a volunteer youth worker.
        • Three (3) years as a volunteer coordinator of a young adults program.
        • Twenty-five (25) years as a part-time adult educator.
        • Six (6) months as a volunteer life-coach for a Senior School program.


    1. “Has your company any links/membership with any Careers-related organisations?”

      • Seventeen (17) years as a Professional Member of a Regional Careers Practitioners network.
      • Affiliate Membership of a State Careers Practitioners network (Careers Advisors Association of NSW – CAA NSW).
      • Professional Membership of a National Careers Practitioners network (Career Development Association of Australia – CDAA).
      • Professional Membership of a National Careers Practitioners network of the USA (NCDA).
      • Committee Member of the NSW Division of the CDAA.


    1. “What experience has your staff had that could relate to your advertised Athletes program?”

      • Twenty-five (25) years part-time was specifically related to Adult Education;
      • Ten (10) years part-time as a High School Physical Education Senior Teacher & Faculty (KLA) Coordinator ;
      • Seventeen (17) years experience as a part-time professional fitness instructor;
      • Fifteen (15) years as a qualified skiing instructor;
      • Three (3) years experience as a national & international presenter in fitness training; &
      • Mentoring opportunities with players involved in the National Rugby League (NRL) First Grade team and State & National players in their careers changes.


    1. “If my child is to become involved in the Teenage Program, does he/she have to do all of the Levels & every Module in each Level?”

      • Usually the Teenage Assessment Program is sold as a Package, with an option of three (3) different packages.
      • The compulsory component will be the Foundation Appointment.
      • However, the teenager does not have to purchase these packages, but once you begin choosing the different Modules, the total price will be costed.


    1. “Is this also the case with an individual, teenager, adult or athlete?”

      • Yes, the same principles and procedures apply.


    1. “Where can I find out about the prices for Packages, the individual Modules?”

      • If you send us an email we’ll send you a list of prices for the Packages.


    1. “If I have 2 or 3 teenagers registered, is there a discount?”

      • This will be assessed on an individual basis over the phone with the managing Director, Mr Brian Horan.


    1. “What if I have a question throughout the duration of the process, can I receive a response?”

      • If, after you have thoroughly researched all of eCareers Academy’s website resources, feel free to contact us; preferably via email.
      • The Coordinator will hopefully be able to enlighten you as to your viable options.
      • There is a limit of five (5) emails per Package; however, individual situations could be extended. This will be up to the Coordinator.


  1. “If I am not satisfied with the Programs what are my options?”

    • Please refer to the ‘Terms of Use’ Document
    • Contact the eCareers Academy Office & we’ll attempt to assist you with your enquiry.