The eCareers Academy Story

eCareers Academy was founded in October 2009
by Brian Horan

Brian Horan Presenting

The foundations of eCareers Academy came as a result of Brian’s early years as an educator of teenagers. This phase of his career journey stirred up within him an interest in researching and enhancing the personal development of his clients.

Exploration of this topic continued during his years working as an Employment Training Instructor for Mission Australia. It was here that he also developed a passion for helping individuals fulfil their career dreams.

The following nineteen years saw Brian working on a team of educational professionals pioneering an independent High School campus from sixteen students to over four hundred. To do this he was retrained four times and became the Department Head of four educational faculties (KLAs).

These years also gave him insight into the Education System, how students learn, classroom environments, assessment regimes and the academic and social pressures on teenagers.

It was at the end of his years as an educator that he experienced the phenomenon of career transitioning. The symptoms of sensing that you’re finishing one vocation and beginning another are quite unique, somewhat confusing and, at times very unsettling. Going through this process has given Brian empathy and effective strategies when working with his transitioning clients.

Brian’s interest in personal development continued throughout all of these career stages. His research has taken him to seminars in thirty-five countries, over a thirty year period. However, he has had a passionate desire to leave a legacy and to encourage others in their personal development … and the realization of their destiny!

In conclusion, this investigation has culminated in three gifts for his community:

  • Gift 1: In 2010, he developed the three tenets of eCareers Academy:
    • Each person on the planet has a ‘calling’ for their life;
    • Each person has innate gifts and talents to fulfil this ‘calling’/purpose;
    • When each person pursues their calling, their vocation will be more fulfilling, and their community will be impacted by them finding and developing their vocational niche.
  • Gift 2: In 2011 he published his personal development novel:
    • New Windows of Opportunity“. Its’ aim is to inspire teenagers and young adults to find their passion and purpose in life and to fulfil their potential.
  • Gift 3: (2014+) This is a gift for you! Like any gift, you will not discover what’s in it until you peel off the wrapping and open the box:
    • It’s your future, now! So, simply contact eCareers Academy and enjoy the gift of a fulfilling career.


SUMMARY: Careers Counselling Experience and Expertise of Brian Horan

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He mentors, young children, teenagers & young adults. He gives them focus, design for the future & a hope that they will be a success. He assures them that there can be direction for their lives, that there is something that they can look forward to, something that they can work for, that will actually mean something for them.

… Brian, the clients that you touch & their families will be infinitely impacted for the better.

Thank you so much.

Maryann Marcos Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. October 12, 2016

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