In the Media

  1. [2011: 24 February]  Jeanette Joy Show – Los Angeles, USA

    • [Video] Brian was interviewed by Jeanette Joy about his role as a Careers Counsellor; what it involved and how it benefited his clients.

  2. [2011: 1 March] Dennis Jones & Associates; New Title Releases

    • Dennis Jones & Associates are the international distributors of Brian Horan’s book, ‘New Windows of Opportunity’. His book features in the Dennis Jones & Associates Pty Ltd, March 2011 New Title Releases (page 22).

  3. [2011: 25 June] Illawarra Mercury Article; Book Launch; Journalist – Greg Ellis

    • The Illawarra Mercury covered the Official Book Launch of Brian Horan’s book, ‘New Windows of Opportunity’; held at Wollongong City Council.

  4. [2012: 1 July] The University of Wollongong Alumni Magazine, ‘UOW Connect’ – Book Profile; Journalist – Nick Hartgerink

    • As an alumnus of the University of Wollongong, Brian Horan’s book, ‘New Windows of Opportunity’ was featured in their ‘UOW Connect’ magazine (page 12).

  5. [2013: 26 September] Illawarra Mercury Article; Gap Year – Careers expert opinion sought; Journalist – Kate Walsh

    • As an independent Careers Consultant, Brian was asked about his opinion on Gap Years. The article included a number of Gap Year stories and the opinions of some of Brian’s Illawarra clients and contacts.

  6. [2014: 1 April] WEA – Term II; Personal & Professional Profile; Journalist – Tony Elshof

    • Brian Horan has worked as a part-time tutor at the Workers Education Association (WEA) Illawarra for twenty-five years. His courses feature in the ‘Lifestyle’ genre of the WEA. His aim is to enhance the overseas journeys of his participants.

  7. [2014 – 9 April] UOW TV; ‘Networking After 5 – Getting Careers on Track’; Journalist – Chelsea Anstee

  8. [2014: 15 July] Illawarra Mercury Article; Illawarra Women In Business (IWIB) Speaking Presentation Introduction; Journalist – Greg Ellis

    • Greg Ellis, Business Editor of The Illawarra Mercury included information about Brian Horan’s upcoming presentation at the IWIB July event.

  9. [2014: 26 July] Illawarra Mercury Article; IWIB Speaking Presentation Follow-up; Journalist – Greg Ellis

    • Greg Ellis, Business Editor of The Illawarra Mercury included feedback about Brian Horan’s presentation at the Illawarra Woman in Business (IWIB) July event. Brian spoke about personal and professional performance principles for businesspeople.

  10. [2014: 16 August] Illawarra Mercury Article; Personal & Professional Profile; Journalist – Michelle Webster

    • Michelle Webster, journalist at the Illawarra Mercury wrote a feature article on Brian Horan, focussing on his work as a businessman and educator; in addition to his voluntary contributions throughout the Illawarra community.

  11. [2014: 1 September] The New Daily article; “How to Break Your Career Out of the Doldrums”; Journalist – Jackson Stiles

    • Assisting clients who are transitioning between careers, is one of the specialities of eCareers Academy. The New Daily requested Brian Horan’s opinions for their article.