New Windows of Opportunity




 AUTHOR: Brian Horan


 1. Summary:

The intention of this novel is to inspire teenagers and young adults to find their passion and purpose in life and to fulfil their potential. Personal growth principles are interwoven throughout the story to give the reader hope, and encourage them that their past does not have to dictate to their future. In essence ‘New Windows of Opportunity’ is a parable to inspire the reader to have the courage to design their own destiny & ultimately live their dreams!

The story is centred around four characters who live in a semi-rural, coastal hamlet. Their backgrounds and upbringing initially influences their choices in life, however, through discovering elementary personal growth principles, their choices, and ultimately their destinies, begin to change. They meet again at the age of thirty and, through reflecting on their teenage years, expose the secret factors that impacted their choices.

Besides the content, there are three quite unique features of this book.

Firstly, because the reader can potentially become emotionally engaged with the characters, the reader is given the opportunity to finish the book; even to the extent of entering a writing competition.

Secondly, after being inspired to change their futures, the reader has the opportunity to be guided through some goal-setting exercises in the book’s final chapter. Through this process, the reader is encouraged to dream about what they want for their future and is encouraged to set tangible goals in all areas of their lives.

Thirdly, the supporting website will allow the reader/teacher/book club group leader/educator/counsellor access to chapter and topic-based resources. The purposely-designed questionnaires and information can then be easily utilised for their mentoring, educational or book club sessions.

New Windows of Opportunity can be found in all good Bookstores or online, e.g., . From 2015, the novel will also be available in eBook form. The specially designed resource website will also be launched in 2015.

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2. Contact Details:

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A: PO Box 277, Figtree, NSW, 2525

3. Book Brief:

Authors’ Name: Brian Horan
Book Title: New Windows of Opportunity”
Book Subtitle: “Keys to Finding Your Passions in Life & Living With Purpose!”
Benefits of Book: Sometimes certain opportunities come our way only once in our life & we either don’t recognise them or haven’t the courage to take them! This book will explore the ways to exploit the opportunities which are positively linked to our passions & purpose in life. You’ll also discover keys to overcome the limiting beliefs which hinder you from fulfilling your destiny. Your future is waiting – grab it with both hands!
7 Key Points: You’ll learn or discover:

  1. How to appreciate the lessons from the past, but not allow the past to dictate the terms for your future.
  2. The importance of the choice of friendships in influencing the development of your personality & potential.
  3. How attitudes to your education can either represent a tirade of tyranny or a trampoline into a brilliant future.
  4. Why it’s important to choose your own career path, not have it chosen for you or staying in your present job just to please others.
  5. How to face the future by forgiving yourself of past failures, discerning the fears that can cripple you & inspiring yourself to fulfil your potential & reap the rewards.
  6. Realising that life is about change, change brings growth & growth helps us discover the person we’re meant to be; & the person who can make a difference in their world.
Closing Statement:  This is a book about being inspired to fulfil your potential. You’ll learn these principles from four characters who live in a semi-rural, coastal hamlet. The choices that they make, with the opportunities they are given, will motivate you to have the courage to design your own destiny & ultimately live your dreams!

 4. The Author:

The author Brian Horan has had twenty-six years experience educating teenagers:

  • Five years in the State Education System as a High School teacher;
  • Nineteen years in an Independent School as a High School teacher, KLA coordinator and Senior Teacher; and
  • Two years educating unemployed youth with Mission Australia as an Employment Training Instructor.

In the NSW education system Brian has:

  • Taken the responsibility of being an acting Deputy Principal;
  • Held a KLA Coordinator position in four areas: HSIE, PDHPE, LOTE, Careers/VET;
  • Taught ten different subjects in four KLA faculties; and
  • Held the position as the College’s Careers Advisor for seventeen years.

His background preparation also includes:

  • Fifteen years as a voluntary Youth Worker;
  • Twenty-five years as a part-time adult educator;
  • Business Advisory Board member for the UOW students’ ENACTUS Group;
  • Fifteen years acquiring tuition and experience in personal growth principles;
  • Volunteer work with Max Coaching, an organisation for mentoring teenagers.

Brian is now:

  • The founder, Managing Director and principal counsellor of a careers consultancy, called eCareers Academy,;
  • The founder, Managing Director and principal trainer of a Corporate Training organisation, called Empowering Training Solutions,; &
  • The published author of ‘New Windows of Opportunity’ [published by Global Publishing Group and distributed internationally by Dennis Jones and Associates].

Many of the stories in New Windows of Opportunity are based on encounters with the numerous teenagers and young adults in his care over these years. He has seen many individuals rise out of their disadvantaged circumstances and from the ashes of their past, to go on to live fun-filled, fruitful and fulfilling existences. These testimonies, along with his study of personal growth principles, are the foundation and motivation for the writing of this parable.

5. Book Details

 ISBN: 9781921630514
ISBN-10: 1921630515
Number of Pages: 158
Publisher: Global Publishing Group, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Distributor: Dennis Jones & Associates, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Dimensions (cm): 23.000 x 15.000
Weight: 0.260g
Audience: General (esp. for older Teenagers and Young Adults)
Genre: Fiction; Self-actualisation (Psychology)
RRP: $A29.95 (in retail outlets); $23.95 (personally)