Positive & Effective Strategies for Career Change

Change Same Signpost Shows That We Should Do Things Differently


As one approaches Christmas time we often contemplate what gifts we’ll give others, what gifts we’d like to receive from others and what gifts we definitely do not want to receive. In a similar vein, career-wise, we might have our secret wish for a promotion or a new job, but we definitely don’t want retrenchment. 

When the New Year approaches, we might be motivated to find a new job, apply for a promotion or, unfortunately, be forced to make a career change.

Therefore, during these times our emotions can range from bewilderment and frustration to a new-found excitement. However, there are some signposts which can help us on our new career journey.

May I suggest five essential vocational guiding markers?     

1. Come to terms with your present vocational situation

For example: If you’re in a job you haven’t been enjoying for a while, admit it to yourself. If you’re about to be retrenched, take time to grieve, but then realize you need to find another job. Or if you want a promotion in another company or within your own company, prepare yourself for what’s required.

2. Make a job search plan

This plan is specific for your situation. It could include: seeking the advice of a professional careers counsellor; researching certain websites; seeking advice from people in your industry; cold-calling particular businesses (e.g., email, phone call, cover letter, visit); letting your friends and family know that you’re looking for work; attending networking events, conferences and seminars related to your industry.

3. Acquire skills to allow you to move onto the next vocational stage

These could include: realizing the art of communicating to an employer via a convincing Application Letter; developing effective Résumé writing skills; understanding how to convey your ability to meet the job’s Selection Criteria; or join a course to improve your employ-ability, e.g., a Certificate in computer skills.

4. Preparing for the Interview

It is a special privilege to be given a job interview and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Therefore, preparation for the interview could involve: investigating the company’s background; researching the position; preparing for potential questions; coordinating clothing; organizing transportation to the interview; and listing potential questions to ask the Interviewers.

5. Assimilating into the new work environment.

The culture of every work place is different. To survive and thrive in your new job role might require: astute observations within the work place; respectful questions about required daily procedures; utilizing clear communication of any misapprehensions or misunderstandings; comprehending work ethics and expectations; awareness of protocols (professional and personal), etc.

We often can’t choose what arrives under our ‘Career Christmas Tree’, however, we can choose our attitude towards the ‘gift we receive’. Hopefully these five guidelines will help you know how to cope with your career gift in the New Year. Please feel free to write comments in the space below and I will pass them onto ‘Careers Santa’!  

Pleasant Dreams,

Brian Horan


Brian Horan is a Careers Counsellor/Coach, a published author and international speaker. He is also the Managing Director at eCareers Academy, a Career Counselling service. You can find out more about his services by visiting the website www.eCareersAcademy.com , giving him a call on 1300 396 929 or sending an email, info@eCareersAcademy.com    eCareersA_logo (2)

 © Brian Horan at eCareers Academy; May, 2015


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