Careers Are Like Annual Holidays

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The way we plan our annual holiday can often have parallels to the way we approach our career path. We all have a different approach as to how we relate to both ‘journeys’. Each method has advantages and consequences – can you pick out what they are?

Some people plan their holidays in minute detail; others only plan the essential elements, e.g., flights, arrival accommodation and car hire; many just tag along and follow their friends’ holiday plans; several leave home without a map, bookings or direction, and simply ‘go with the flow’; but a few just stay at home, visiting the local shopping centre for their holiday entertainment.

Similarly, some people meticulously research their future career path, knowing what they want to do, how to achieve it and where it will take them in life. This approach takes time and deliberation. These individuals try to work out what will give them fulfillment and what is their niche in life, with all of their career plans being diligently mapped according to their research.

Others have a general idea of what they’d like to do, but apply themselves only to the essential elements of their research. They might choose their secondary or tertiary educational subjects that they enjoy, but after that, they’re not too sure which way to go. They have a rough idea where their studies could take them, but their planning is determined by their haphazard approach.

Many allow others to determine their vocational directions, whether it be the person’s parents, friends or work colleagues. These individuals will simply allow the circumstances, determined by those around them, to direct their career journey. They don’t question the opinions and advice of others, but submissively ‘go with the crowd’!

Some don’t worry about study, a specific job or a vocation; their attitude is that ‘something will just work out’ for them. They live in the present, not worrying about the future, just allowing the ‘universe’ to choose their career path for them. As to whether they take responsibility for the outcomes of these choices, are determined by their character and personality.

A few, because of unconfirmed inner fears and poor self-esteem about their potential, limit their career options and take the first job which comes along. They allow the conditioning by people and life’s circumstances to dictate to their career future. Unfortunately, they may not have supportive peers and role models who believe in their potential and encouragingly speak into their lives.  

In conclusion, we all have a preferred career planning philosophy. Each one has its’ advantages and benefits. Conversely, embedded in every career style are consequences, for example, some are more practical, others will provide more fulfillment or security and several will encourage the development of their career potential, while a few, will allow limiting beliefs to restrict their capabilities.

The one thing that is common about all of these ‘travelling styles’ is that we each have our own unique career journey; every path is distinctive and each one will impact the community in which we live!        

Wishing you a pleasant, fulfilling careers expedition…      

Pleasant Dreams,

Brian Horan


Brian Horan is a Careers Counselor/Coach, a published author and international speaker. He is also the Managing Director at eCareers Academy, a Career Counselling service. You can find out more about his services by visiting the website , giving him a call on 1300 396 929 or sending an email, 

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