“Do You Have A Life-Purpose?”


Stuck for a conversation starter at a cocktail party? I’m sure that the one in the title above is a little more creative than – “Do you come here often?” If the person to whom you ask it actually hangs around long enough to engage in conversation, the answer to this question will most probably be, “Yes, I’m sure that there’s a reason why I’m on the planet!”

The majority of people believe that from an early age they have an innate sense of destiny, purpose or calling for their life. Many confess to a desire to find out what this is and a lot of them believe that their career vocation is a part of this calling.

Therefore, if you know that you have a ‘life calling’, the next logical question is, “How do I find this direction, purpose or destiny?” Some career research suggests that signs of this calling are revealed in the individual from the time they can walk and talk to about the age of ten, eleven or twelve. Apparently, this is because the child is predominantly operating out of their sub-conscious mind and, without thinking, it just comes out in their conversation, interests and actions!

If you are a parent, why not start a “Dream Diary” for each of your children (1-12 years old)? Record in it things said, comments expressed, actions taken, DVDs preferred to watch, etc. When your child needs to make a decision regarding their career direction refer back to it, as it could give you some hints!

Have you ever asked your parents what YOU were like as a child? What things you were really into, what got you excited and where did you like to go the most? As well as being a support throughout your life, parents are like an archive of your existence. They’ll remember small moments that you won’t, which could unlock some of the secrets to your calling.

If you don’t have a good memory or access to family members, there are some indicators which could assist you. Some of these include, your interests and passions, things you do easily or well, the enjoyable aspects of your present or past jobs, elements of your occupation that seem effortless or could find you becoming ‘lost’ in for hours. It can also help if you rule out all of the features of your employment and lifestyle that you don’t like to do.

During an educational seminar the presenter asked us the question, “What is one word that defines who you are, what you do and why you do it?” My word was ‘potential’, which fits in with my Mission Statement and is the foundation for my career, i.e., “To fulfill my God-given potential and help others to do the same; whilst enjoying the process.”

I encourage you to do your own research. Perhaps you could even find the ‘word’ which defines who you are. To support this, you could also seek feedback from others that know you … and, in the process, maybe even find someone interesting to talk to at a cocktail party!

Pleasant Dreams, 

Brian Horan 


Brian Horan is a Careers Counselor/Coach, a published author and international speaker. He is also the Managing Director at eCareers Academy, a Career Counselling service. You can find out more about his services by visiting the website www.eCareersAcademy.com , giving him a call on 1300 396 929 or sending an email, info@eCareersAcademy.com  


© Brian Horan at eCareers Academy; August, 2014


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