Walking The Walk …

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its’ whole life believing that it is stupid.”  Albert Einstein


Some Career Development theorists believe that all humans possess innate gifts and talents. These are things we do easily or well. Do you know what you’re good at?

From your close peers, who would you choose to: organize a group get-away weekend; counsel you if you needed someone to talk to; be captain of your sports team; teach you or your children; or give you financial advice?

Considering these peer group preferences, why did you choose that particular person for each specific task? Is it a unique skill that they possess or was it something about their ability to effectively meet your needs?

In a similar framework, why is it that you enjoyed certain subjects throughout your secondary or tertiary education? Why did you find these subjects easier than others and often excel in them and not others?

Because our innate gifts and abilities are what we do easily or well, we might not know what they are. We often need to be told about them by our family or friends. We can also engage in specially designed computer-assisted assessments.

Our natural gifts could be organizing, being a comfort to others, leading a team, teaching or being a money strategist. However, these abilities can also be transferable vocational skills such as being an administrator, a counselor, a CEO, an instructor/tutor or a financial planner.

“This is a ‘Brag OK Zone’” I tell my clients in the introduction to our careers counselling session. Careers Counselors need to know about your strengths and interests. The sooner we discern these, the more accurate will the assessment for the next stage of your career path.

Employers also need to be made aware of what you can contribute to their organisation.

It makes sense that when we apply our innate skills and abilities to a job we will:

  • Do it easily and well;
  • Greatly assist our co-workers; and
  • Usually enjoy what we do in that career. 

Therefore, I encourage you to follow Albert Einstein’s advice: realize that you’re a genius, with innate vocational talents and abilities, be the best fish that you can be and don’t feel inadequate or pressured to ‘climb a tree’ if you haven’t been gifted to do so!

Pleasant Dreams,

Brian Horan


Brian Horan is a Careers Counselor/Coach, a published author and international speaker. He is also the Managing Director at eCareers Academy, a Career Counselling service. You can find out more about his services by visiting the website www.eCareersAcademy.com , giving him a call on 1300 396 929 or sending an email, info@eCareersAcademy.com  


© Brian Horan at eCareers Academy; August, 2014

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